Funny Games

Teen Mini Cooper Wash Teen Mini Cooper WashBarbie just got a new mini cooper car but it has been a bad day for Barbie. She wrecked her car into a ditch and now it is dirty and needs to be fixed. Help her clean her car and fix the broken windows and scratched paint. Finally design the cars new paint job and wheels.
Baby Owl Care Baby Owl CareHey, girl! What about taking care of a really really special pet? You will love the baby owl in this game, we are sure about that! Just enter the game to meet him and have a great time taking care of the adorable owl! Begin with a bubbly bath, then change his diaper and finish with a funny dress up session! Have a lot of fun playing our new animal caring game! Control: Use the mouse to perform all the caring steps.
Baby Slacking Baby SlackingSarah has been asked to babysit her young baby sister, Baby Emma, but slacking runs in the family and Baby Emma loves to have fun and cause trouble, just like her big sister! Teach Baby Emma how to slack and have fun.
Bead Smith Jen Frozen Bead Smith Jen FrozenBead Smith Jen is a great jewelry designer. She owns a fabulous beads and jewelry store where you can find anything you need to make bracelets, earrings and necklaces from scratch. Jen wants to create a gorgeous Frozen necklace for one of her baby clients. Help her gather all the necessary items on the list. Cut the necklace wire with pliers and decorate it with beads of your choice. Get inspired from Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa's jewelries when designing the Frozen necklace model.
Berry Sponge Berry SpongeWhat's up, girls? Are you bored and you look for something exciting to do? I like cooking so when I have nothing better to do, I cook a new recipe. You should try my idea as well. The recipe I have chosen for today is called berry sponge.
Baby Barbie Summer Braids Baby Barbie Summer BraidsBesides face painting and making stuffed dolls, Baby Barbie is also interested in keeping in touch with the latest fashion trends. Like any girly girl, she loves spending time in front of the mirror trying on her mom's clothes, shoes, accessories and make up. Rumor has it that summer braids are the newest sensation in hair styling. Baby Barbie cannot miss the chance of wearing the trendiest hairdo of the season. There are three amazing braided hairstyles she fancies and she wants you to give them to her. Help Barbie look fashion fabulous braiding her gorgeous blonde hair in elegant and sophisticated hairdos.
Baby Jasmin Bike Accident Baby Jasmin Bike AccidentI'm sure you already know who Jasmin is. She is one of the most famous princesses out there. In this exciting new game we have prepared for you, you are going to meet the beautiful Jasmin as a child. She is kind of lonely, and that is why her father has recently bought a really nice bike for her, so she won't feel that lonely anymore. Since she is in the process of learning how to ride a bike, it is a little bit more dangerous at the beginning. In Baby Jasmin Bike Accident, you are going to help the adorable little Jasmin recover after injuring her hand in a bike accident. Have fun!
Baby Doggy Boo Baby Doggy BooHello girls! I want you to meet the cute baby doggy, named Boo. He is a sweet fluffy brown dog that loves to be spoiled, especially when he has to participate in important dog contests, such as the one from tomorrow that is an international one. The sweet little Boo wants to win first prize but he can't do it without your help. Let's see how we can help the baby doggy to win the international contest. He can go for an adorable pair of blue glitzy pants and match it up with a sweet green top and add over it a beige jacket.
Plastic Surgery Plastic SurgeryThis unfortunate girl has so much extra weight that no diet can help her. In our clinic she can go through a surgery called liposuction that will make her slim and beautiful. We'll need to make small cuts on problem areas and suck out the extra fat.
Ashlynn Ella School Bus Slacking Ashlynn Ella School Bus SlackingAshlynn Ella is on her way to another school trip and the teacher in Ever After High doesn’t want anyone to have any fun on the way.She even can’t not sit next to her best friend forever. Can you help Ashlynn Ella to speed up her journey or she will get bored?
Fruits Manicure Fruits ManicureThe sunny and warm weather raises our spirit and fills us with energy! And it's so much fun to reflect this joy to the nails! Here is an amazing selection of colorful stickers. Decorate your nails and don't miss out on the trend!
Draculaura Hand Doctor Draculaura Hand DoctorSomeone call a doctor! The lovely Draculaura from Monster High fell down and hurt her right hand! Now it's swollen and the germs are everywhere! This would better be fixed for good. Otherwise she won't be able to write!
Box10 Top Truck 2 Box10 Top Truck 2Your goal is to reach the end of the level within the time limit and do your best not to crash! Try to squash as many cars as possible for points along your way by navigating the truch using your arrow keys!
Baby Beauty Pageant Baby Beauty PageantIt's Barbie's beauty time! She's getting ready for a baby beauty pageant and you have to get her ready for this important event. First, give her a hot bubbly bath to get her all cleaned up. Then apply her baby care products and give her a manicure. Finally, choose the perfect princess outfit for Barbie so that she'll be the most beautiful baby!
Mario Ride 3 Mario Ride 3A Fun series of Mario Ride is back with more fun and exciting levels. Change your bike with mario power, you will love to ride mario on his new bike. More thrills and more fun in the third edition. Collect points and balance your ride to reach next level. Have a fun ride!
Mario Zone Mario ZoneMario zone is a new, but also classical platform adventure for Mario. Your task is to go up, eleminate all enemies and reach the palace at the top. Collect stars, bonuses and coins on the journey.
Irene's Serving Skills Irene's Serving SkillsIrene works in a popular cafe which has a lot of customers. The orders are coming in fast and there's no room for mistakes. Click on the right machine at the right time when the food is under it in order to achieve your daily goal.
Spongebob BMX Spongebob BMXSpongebob is having one of his best days ever riding on his BMX bike. Help him to drive through all the obstacles without falling down. Collect burgers to score points. You have three lives.
Diego Basketball Player Diego Basketball PlayerDiego loves sports and his favorite is basketball...he is pretty good at this sport and he hopes that one day he will become a champion,today he comes to the basketball court for shooting training,let's watch Diego's basketball show with Dora, Boots and othe audience! Control: Left and right,up and down to move the ball a little basketball. When the middle space to gather post pointed out by pressing the bar. The middle of the goal the more chance that all off.
Manicure After Injury Manicure After InjuryIt is a day to have a nice manicure. But unexpectedly cissy held up with some cooking work. In hurry she gets her finger injured while cutting the vegetables. Imediately cissy has to be takeup to the hospital.
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